Workflow automation

Streamline Operations

Our Workflow Automation system enhances the operational efficiency of financial institutions and digital asset exchanges. This solution offers a precise approach to managing financial processes in a digital landscape. Financial institutions and digital asset exchanges particularly beneficial from these workflows, as it offers tailored solutions to meet their specific requirements.

Valuable Insights

Improve operational efficiency through support for the end-to-end order process, ensuring both accuracy and efficiency from start to finish. Get analytical insights through our internal admin dashboard, allowing optimised execution strategies and better decision-making. Simplify administration tasks with automatic calculation and deduction of accrued management fees (TER).

Get detailed reporting through order files, offering documentation for manual review or post-rebalance evaluation, ensuring transparency and control over transactions. Streamline the transfer of assets between custodians and brokers, with integrations across multiple partners to minimise counterparty risk.

Operational Safety and Performance

Our infrastructure solutions are designed to enhance the safety, efficiency, and performance of financial operations. Its compatibility with existing workflows ensures a simple integration, facilitating a smooth transition and fast improvement of operational efficiency. For more detailed information about the implementation and benefits of our Workflow Automation system, we invite you to contact us. Our team is ready to assist with any inquiries and give a demo of the key features of our system.

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