Institutional-grade coverage

Rebalancing does not need to be a labour intensive and error-prone process. Our infrastructure allows for institutional-grade quality without compromising on control. Scale your financial product offerings to match the needs of your clients while increasing safety, performance, and reliability. Standardise reporting and control across all custodians, brokers, and administrators all through a single interface. Through our infrastructure, we automate and optimise rebalancing & portfolio reporting. Paired with our machine-learning backed trading engine, we lower costs and decrease risk. 

Optimise overhead

Data-driven processes are essential and expected, as high quality operations become the standard. This means that inefficient rebalancing due to manual processes affects both issuers as well as end-clients. On top of that, limited integration possibilities introduces additional counterparty risk. Optimise execution flows through our single access point that uses smart order routing, has an advanced set of execution algorithms, and optimises liquidity through a suite of integrated brokers, custodians and exchanges. Explore the options of adding staking and lending to your product offering for additional yield.

Maximum adaptability

Connect to multiple exchanges and OTC desks for an optimised execution that ensures optimal liquidity and pricing. Customise the solution in a highly flexible way to ensure compatibility for your use-case. We use a transparant charging model that aligns incentives between all parties, making it an ideal business-case that has the added benefit of growing together. Contact us for a demo and see how integrating our infrastructure solutions adds value on all operational management levels.

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