Bots are faster than you. Activate strategies in minutes.​

“Building towards a future where anybody can automate their cryptocurrency strategies with a simple click of a button. Founded in the early 2020’s was predetermined to assist and help people get started in a volatile and mostly unpredictable crypto market”

Our Vision

Our vision is to level the playing field for crypto traders, both beginners and experts. Give traders who are just starting out the tools to compete with professional traders with automation and algorithms under the hood, together with simplicity and full control at all times. We enable advanced traders to automate and sell their investment strategies, while we strive towards a future of straightforward trading by effortlessly implementing strategies with the click of a button. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to create an automated trading bot platform for anyone to create and activate trading algorithms within minutes. Effortlessly connect to every major exchange, select or create your own strategy based on what fits your needs and move with the market 24/7.


Our Journey

Once upon a time, two guys met at a university in Amsterdam. Filled with creative ideas they sat together as they pondered the financial world and asked one another why algorithmic trading is only accessible to big banks and hedge funds.

This discussion turned into an idea, and that idea evolved into Step by step, we strive to become a platform for everyone to invest into automated trading- this is what drives us to constantly set the bar higher. We welcome investors of all experience levels offering an open-source engine along with ready2go bots that can be activated with one simple click. Conversely, through our backtesting tool, experienced traders can create and test their own strategies before launch.

Our Roadmap

Starting The Engine

  • Q1 2020

Things are set in motion, gears start turning and ideas become reality.

Q1 2020
Q1 2020

Building The Engine

  • Q1 2020

Beta-launch in collaboration with community members to further perfect the open-source framework. 


  • Q2 2021 had a successful 1st funding round and raised funds in collaboration with Boosting Alpha.

Q2 2021
Q1 2022

First B2B Deal

  • Q1 2022

With our B2B program in full swing, DemaTrading has secured a deal with an European central exchange. Providing portfolio bots for their clients.

*Coming Soon* The Bridge

  • Q2 2022

Our developers are building a bridge to seamlessly connect our platform to every major exchange.

Q2 2022
Q3 2022

*Coming Soon* DemaBots+

  • Q3 2022

When the bridge is up and running, DemaTrading is aiming to release a bunch of new bots to fit your specific strategy.

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