Our Promise:

Making Crypto Accessible

We are on a mission to make crypto investing easy and accessible for anyone. There is a lot of potential for passive income in crypto and we believe that everybody should be able to participate in the market at a moderate risk. 


Our vision is to be the world’s leading index provider in the crypto space by being innovative, transparent, and accessible. We believe in building long-standing relationships with our clients.


DemaTrading.ai was founded in 2021 with the mission to make crypto accessible for anyone, regardless of their background. There is a lot of potential in crypto and we believe that everyone willing to participate in the crypto market should be able to do so. That’s why we are building automated crypto portfolios that make it possible for everyone to make smarter investments with no effort. We do this in a culture that engages our employees, while adding unmatched value to them, as well as our customers.