Data Calculation

Comprehensive analytics

Financial institutions such as ETF issuers, fund administrators, and other stakeholders require precise and reliable analytics to give them important insights in complex markets. We specialize in delivering comprehensive analytics and data calculations that form the basis of informed decision-making and strategic planning for digital asset portfolio management. Our software is designed to meet the unique needs of the digital asset ecosystem, ensuring our clients maintain a on top of the facts.


Digital Asset Management Analytics

Our collection of analytics and data calculation services include essential metrics that help with effective management and analysis of digital asset funds. These include:

  • Drift Analysis: We provide detailed insights into the divergence of digital funds compared to its objective, helping clients understand the factors driving deviations and the necessary adjustments to align with their mandate.

  • Tracking Error: Our calculations measure the volatility of the difference between the performance behaviour of a fund and its benchmark. This metric assesses the consistency and efficiency of management strategies.

  • Slippage: Our team calculates slippage as a means to understand and evaluate the effectiveness of order execution strategies.

Portfolio Optimisation

With a team of seasoned professionals specializing in this market, we bring knowledge and expertise to our clients. We offer tailored analytics solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of digital asset funds, ensuring that our software effectively addresses challenges and objectives.

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