Recap of our very first live stream!

Our first livestream ever, and it went kind of well. Of course we understand that you didn’t have enough time to join our live stream, but no worries because we recorded it! We are happy to announce that we will continue doing the live stream monthly! Yaay! 🥳 Today we will share a little recap with you, so we’re throwing it back to last Friday and let you know all the announcements and updates from our latest live stream! So let’s go!

Our Platform is Live again 🚀🤖

As a lot of you know, we are currently in our Beta version of our platform that will allow you to use algorithms in your own Bitvavo account. We are still in Beta, which means you can use the platform completely for free, as we are still developing everything. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks ago we had some technical issues we needed to solve first. But happily ever after, our platform is live again! If you want to let us know what you think or how you feel about it, let us know on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn or Discord Okay, we hope you have embraced this amazing announcement because we’re moving on to the next ones.  We are scaling up, we have done a funding round already, we have been growing very hard and currently we are preparing for a new funding round. We want to grow as a company and provide you with a much better service. 

Fee model

A little bit about the fee model, we will do a hybrid version ofa performance fee, so that we only charge for the profit we make and a little bit of management fee where we charge you for the amount of funds that we take care of for you. The reason why we choose a model like this, instead of operating on a trade fee, is because we want to earn while we earn for you. We feel that’s the most fair way to operate the platform, and the best way to grow together. 

So, what is going to happen? 

We are currently stepping up our game to provide more algorithms for the platform, so we provide state-of-art algorithms that are very easy to enable for you. You can simply go on our platform and you will be able to select multiple algorithms. Sit back, relax and we will do all the work. 💪🏼

More bots are coming, all of the bots will come after the fee model has been implemented.

More exciting news:

The other product we are currently working on is a portfolio mode. As many people tell us that they have issues with selecting the bots that they want to take and there’s a lot of choices. With the portfolio mode you can select multiple bots at the same time and they will all run in your account simultaneously. Interacting each others’ trade amount, so that means: if one bot is making a profit for you the funds of another bot are also increasing so that they can increase together.  Okay! That’s enough for the good news and happy announcements 😄. Our live streamers came up with a few questions. You can find them below 👇🏽. Curious about the answers? Watch the live stream from last week below and find out. FAQ starts at: 07:50.  But before you continue, we would love to invite you for our next live stream [25.02.2022]. Again, you can ask your questions about the company, our process or any crypto-related questions, during the livestream but also in advance via our question and feedback form. We’re looking forward to it! Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date. 


  • What amount can I start to trade? 
  • What is the average return on investments
  • What is the average drawdown? 
  • How long would it take to make profit? 
To Your Trading Success, The DemaTrading Crew ❤️🤖