Trade Software - How can we help you?

Trade Software, How can we help you?

Trade Software - How can we help you?
DemaTrading is a trading software that helps users automate their trades for higher success by eliminating human emotion.

What is automated trading?

Let’s start this section by answering the most asked question by new traders; what is an automated trading system? This program allows users to automate their trades by setting a few parameters that the robot will execute if the market conditions are met. The best automated trading software will help you execute as many trades as possible in a short time and without human emotion, which is a significant cause for losses when trading financial markets. Automated trading platforms can stand alone or be integrated with existing trading platforms to execute trades for users.  The trader can choose many existing strategies and employ them in their trades depending on how successful they have been or can make their own strategies that others can copy, thus earning even more by selling strategies.

How to trade automated

The first thing you have to do is choose a platform and set the parameters of your trading strategy. If you are an experienced trader, this should be easy since you will use your expertise within various markets. The factors will typically be based on timing the trade perfects, such as the price at which it should open and close and the amount you want to allocate. For example, buy 0.2 BTC when its 50-day moving average goes above the 200-day average.  Once you set up the automated trading strategy, it will constantly monitor financial market prices, and trades will automatically be executed if predetermined parameters are met. Remember, the goal is to execute trades faster and more efficiently. Also, to take advantage of specific, technical market events.  Some platforms, such as DemaTrading, will allow you to build an automated trading system. The basic procedure involves deciding the language you will use for programming. Rule of the thumb is going with the most common such as JavaScript, Perl, and C. Then list all the exchanges you want your bot to work with as this makes it clear to developers the kind of services you intend to use. Then proceed to create accounts on the listed exchanges to use their APIs. After that, you will have to determine the architecture of the automated trading robot since it’s crucial for its success. The next step is coding before testing and then deploying the bot if everything checks out. 

Automated crypto trading

This takes place using an automated crypto trading bot. As explained earlier, these are programs that help users buy and sell crypto according to preset conditions. There are many benefits to be realized from using automated crypto trading bots such as access to portfolio management; you get to set profit and loss margins, the ability to analyze and interpret market statistics, ability to calculate potential market risk and being able to buy and sell your preferred crypto assets at any moment. 

Platform for automated trading:

If you are looking for the best-automated trading platform UK or anywhere in the world, you might have to consider what DemaTrading offers. This automated trading platform helps traders automate, optimize and publish their strategies that other individuals can use to trade. Automating your strategies eliminates human emotions that can impact your trading success. Also, since it’s a trading robot, you get to trade around the clock, meaning you don’t miss any good trades since the market doesn’t wait for you while you are asleep or away.  A Binance Beta program allows users to use the trading robot on their own Binance portfolio. And you can be assured no one else will touch your funds but you since you have full custody. Also, there is a wide range of bots covering all risk levels, and you can be assured to find one that matches your needs and risk profile.  It’s also possible to build your own bot using the platform’s open-source backtesting tool that makes it easy to develop trading strategies. You will be provided with the right market statistics to help improve your strategies, and all you have to focus on is coming up with the perfect combination of indicators to aid your predictions. Also, Dematrading infrastructure will distribute your trading strategy to multiple connected platforms. On these trading platforms, the strategy is publicly available to be used by other traders who will be charged performance fees or transaction fees paid to the owner of the strategy. 


Is automated trading for me? The answer is yes if you find analyzing markets and tracking trades strenuous. Also, automated robots eliminate human emotion during trades, which is crucial for success as a trader. Are my funds safe on DemaTrading? Yes. DemaTrading only helps manage your portfolio and execute trades for you, but custody of the funds remains under you.  Do you want to learn more about automated trading? Then sign up for our newsletter.  Already started with automated trading but still have a lot of questions? Then you should join our Discord channel To Your Trading Succes ❤️🤖 The DemaTrading Crew