Press release: Crypto trading startup uses its bots for a good cause

Amsterdam, May 23, 2022. 

Previously, donations of crypto towards good causes has been possible via platforms such as TheGivingBlock, where crypto owners can donate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to a selected cause of their choosing. This is how crypto has not only been changing our financial world but also the concept of philanthropy. Now, with the cooperation between DemaTrading and Bots for Humanity, donations will be obtained with the power of crypto trading bots. 

Charity through cryptocurrency trading

It is the first time such a concept has been launched in the world of cryptocurrency. People can donate €100 or more into their Bots for Humanity account. 

The bot is linked to the account, after which the bot starts working with the donations on the platform. The money is used for various crypto portfolios, compiled by DemaTrading.

By buying and selling in the cryptocurrency market at strategic moments, the trade bot makes profit over time. DemaTrading keeps a close eye on the bot & manages it’s performance. The profit is automatically switched to another bot or trade at the right time. People who donate to the cause are completely relieved of the risks & time consumption of trading through automation and diversification. 

DemaTrading donates half of the turnover on behalf of the person who has donated to the Bots for Humanity foundation. In addition to covering the costs, the foundation will mainly contribute to charity. For the time being, Bots for Humanity selects charities in the Netherlands, so that the money can more easily yield visible results and make an impact.

About Bots for Humanity

Bots for Humanity was founded in 2021 by Reint Tiggelaar and is the donation platform for the future. Both the donor and the charity benefit by using trade bots in the cryptocurrency market. Bots for Humanity searches for charities that match the platform on a daily basis, currently focusing on charities in the Netherlands. The money that Bots for Humanity collects is aimed at producing visible results. A new clubhouse, laptops for a homework organization or money to organize a sporting event. If the goal produces a visible result to which a nice target amount can be linked, there is a good chance that Bots for Humanity will support the goal. 

About DemaTrading

DemaTrading was founded in 2021 by Demian Voorhagen and Marijn van Rijswijck in Amsterdam.  DemaTrading helps traders automate and optimize their trading strategies and further commercialize them by making the automated strategies and portfolios available through various B2C and B2B platforms as well as on .DemaTrading has a turnover of more than €150,000 and has raised €250,000 in funding. The company is currently working on a new round.

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