How to invest in Bitcoin

How to invest in Bitcoin?

How to invest in Bitcoin

How to invest in cryptocurrencies? Most of the people will know what Bitcoin is. But what to do with it? And more importantly, how do you get a bitcoin and use it for trading? Let’s start at the beginning and feel the freedom, fun and excitement of crypto.

Investing is all based on your own choices.

Your first steps in crypto are not that hard. Actually, when you know all the ins and outs, crypto is fun. First of all you need to choose a platform where you can buy cryptocurrencies, also known as a crypto exchange. This platform specializes in trading, where you can buy and sell your crypto. Choose your exchange based on your needs and your choice of currency.

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Once you have chosen a platform, you can start by opening your very own investment account. After you share your Know Your Customer – data you can start! We are just as excited as you are So the last thing we need to do is welcome you into the crypto world. Okay! Now that you are introduced to this wonderful world, you can start funding your account. Take a look at the way you are going to fund your account. If you want to use your credit card, please remember this is a risky way of funding because you are lending money. Some platforms don’t support funding by credit card. Please notice that some banks charge a fee on your transactions.

Since we now know how to invest in crypto, we need to decide how much and in which coin(s) you want to invest. Most people will buy Bitcoin, but you can invest in any coin you want.

So, the moment you’ve bought your coin(s), is also the moment to secure them. You can secure them online, on/at/in the exchange. But this is never 100% safe, because the exchange might be hacked or could go bankrupt (broke). If you want to make sure that your coin(s) are super safe, you can secure them offline. Most of the time, people do this with a Ledger, which is kind of similar to a locker. This locker looks like a USB-stick, with this stick you can secure your coin(s). Securing your coin(s) is an essential step in the investing-process. So, make sure to make your investment safe!

Are you still ready to become a crypto-professional? We’re moving on to the last step. Well, the second last step. Because now we need to choose a strategy. For the last step we’re just going to give you a tip: Always make sure that you know the position in the market, the different types of traders and of course always make sure that you follow the news.

For now, we shared all the steps on how to invest in cryptocurrencies. Would you like to know more about investing and crypto? Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned for new knowledge!

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