Market Neutral Portfolios

Institutional-grade Indexing

Our market-neutral portfolios are a great way to minimize the risk of your customer’s blockchain investments and ensure proper exposure in both bear and bull markets. With the ability to go both long and short at the same time, these digital asset portfolios offer a unique advantage for crypto exchanges looking to diversify their investment strategies.

Stabilize Fee and Profit

By taking advantage of both positive and negative market trends, market-neutral portfolios can generate consistent returns, regardless of the overall market direction. This can be particularly beneficial for crypto exchanges that are looking to expand their offering with a product that reduces the risk and exposure of customers, through an increased cryptocurrency diversification of their investment portfolio. This helps to stabilize revenue from trading fees throughout different market conditions.

Maximum adaptability

With a market-neutral portfolio, exchanges can expand their product offering and increase predictable revenue, while ensuring customers can have confidence in their investment strategy, knowing that they are well-positioned to weather any market conditions.

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