Exchanges & Brokers

Simplifying the Experience

Our Workflow Automation system is uniquely tailored to enhance the operations of digital asset exchanges. Recognizing the evolving landscape of digital assets, our solution focuses on simplifying portfolio management, a critical aspect for both exchanges and their clients.

Portfolio Management

Our products allow exchanges to offer customisable portfolio strategies to their clients, including rebalance frequencies and various risk management measures.

Our baskets simplify the portfolio management process for clients and thereby improving the overall user experience. In addition to these client-facing benefits, the system also includes tools for the management of staking and lending activities within portfolios.

We aim for a seamless integration with existing systems. This design consideration minimises disruption during implementation.

Prioritizing Key Objectives

Integrating our system into a digital asset exchange’s operations brings significant enhancements to portfolio management capabilities. These enhancements not only streamline operations but also support compliance and improve client relations, positioning the exchange for greater success in the dynamic digital asset landscape.

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