Exchanges & Brokers

Simplifying the Experience

Your customers are the center of your platform. You want to make their lives as easy as possible. Most exchanges and brokers are still too complicated for the average Joe. With our managed portfolio solution you can offer a one-stop shop for your customers. Investing in crypto and keeping portfolios up to date has never been so easy.

Enhanced Profitability

Managed portfolios not only boost profits for exchanges and brokers but also for your customers. It’s widely recognized that indices outperform the market in the long run (e.g., the S&P 500). Providing index-like products augments trading volume due to rebalancing, supports customer profitability, and amplifies the total assets on your platform. Furthermore, our sophisticated trading engine maximizes execution efficiency and optimizes liquidity.

Prioritizing Key Objectives

Developing a platform demands significant resources. Managed portfolios make a valuable addition, but they’re not a core product you want to allocate resources to. Rather than overburdening your technical department, collaborate with a partner for non-core services, akin to a stockbroker using S&P for their S&P 500 listing. This approach enables you to concentrate on what matters most: your product roadmap.

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