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The majority of businesses that allow their users to engage in manual trading or semi-automated strategies often lose the majority of their customers during uncertain times. People lose interest or confidence in their judgment. Especially during or right after massive crashes, investors see their portfolio diminish, with panic selling as a result, only to realize what they missed out on in the next bull market.

Seasoned investors are more familiar with the volatility and uncertainty that naturally comes with emerging markets such as crypto. Our strategies aim to prolong, protect and relieve investors from this burden with smart index-investing.

‘’Our strategies aim to protect investors by minimizing their exposure to the market, prolonging their investments.’’

Marijn van Rijswijck

Our Strategies allow for growth and a diverse portfolio

Traditional index investing consists of top companies within the global market (S&P500) or a specific category within the market (semiconductor, information technology and so on). Within crypto it’s not feasible to buy the whole market, given its fast-paced nature.. Therefore is it essential to re-evaluate your strategy regularly and take action at the right time. Knowing in which coins to invest and when to sell is key.

Our tools boost portfolio growth through smart-index-investing, combined with diversification and customization.

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With our in-house developed automations we’ve helped numerous businesses’ clients with their investment goals. 

Powered by our fast time-to-market and straightforward communication, we launch new strategies along with our clients that will last throughout the next bull market.

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