DemaTrading Crypto

World’s first real crypto index – an easy, automated way to invest in the whole crypto market.

Three Crypto Indices to fit your needs

With a single click, watch as the DemaTrading Crypto Index auto-invests in a diverse portfolio of the top 5, 10 or 20 cryptocurrencies by market size and liquidity. Since the Index automatically adjusts the weighting in your portfolio over time, you’ll never have to miss out on “the next big thing” in crypto. It’s the hands-off approach to crypto investing: passive investing, crypto made easy.

Our Crypto Indices are DemaTrading’s first endeavor into digital passive investing with the help of smart-rebalancing.

Current composition of the indices

Top 5 Index

Top 10 Index

Top 20 Index

Why invest in the DemaTrading Crypto Index?

It can be difficult to keep track of the evolving crypto market. Investing in the Crypto Index is a zero-maintenance, long-term way to build a diversified cryptocurrency portfolio. In addition to being super convenient, our Indices maintain your investment by auto-adjusting to changes in the market.

Three Crypto Indices to fit your needs

Automatically invest periodically by rebalancing or topping up your account. Reduce your exposure to market volatility.

Underlying assets in our Indices are purchased from within your exchange/wallet directly by connecting through API-keys to ensure extra security.

The Indices, when activated are bought through the wallet you’ve connected. Therefore you control whether you sell, top up or activate a new bot from within the dashboard.

Most trading platforms we work with also offer staking-services. With on-chain staking, your crypto assets are locked up in exchange for a periodic interest payment. Essentially you’re lending your crypto assets to the trading platform.