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In today’s rapidly-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, investors are seeking new and innovative ways to diversify their investment portfolios and manage risk. Indexes typically comprise a basket of cryptocurrencies and are designed to track the overall performance of the crypto market through automated index tracking. By investing based on an index, customers can spread their investment across multiple cryptocurrencies, reducing the risk of exposure to any single asset.

Take control of your revenue

For exchanges, one of the key advantages of offering digital asset portfolios is their ability to produce predictable revenue. This is achieved by frequently rebalancing the portfolio to ensure that it accurately reflects the current state of the market. By rebalancing, the index ensures that it includes the most relevant and high-performing cryptocurrencies, while also removing those that are underperforming. This ensures that investors can stay ahead of the curve, while exchanges benefit from consistent trading fees.

Automated Index Tracking

Simplify product offering

Overall, cryptocurrency indexes are a unique and valuable investment product for exchanges to offer to customers. By leveraging the power of crypto indexes, exchanges can drive growth while allowing customers to navigate the complex and dynamic world of blockchain investments.

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