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🔗 Join our waitlist We are excited to announce the next step of our rebalance software: a sophisticated interface designed specifically for digital asset funds. This platform equips portfolio managers with the tools necessary for effective rebalancing, managing approval flows, reporting & analytics, and more. Today we are launching our waitlist, where you can register […]

Institutions in Digital Assets: Rebalance Software and Other Trends

Rebalance Software

As the digital asset market evolves, it is becoming important for institutions to stay up to date with emerging trends that could influence the future of their strategies. This forward-looking perspective, together with the effective use of technological tools such as rebalance software, is crucial in managing and optimizing digital asset portfolios. This blog post […]

CBDCs and their Impact on Institutional Parties


Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) represent a major evolution in the landscape of monetary policy and financial infrastructure. As countries explore and implement their own versions, institutional players must consider the implications of these CBDCs on their strategies and operations. This article explores the emergence of CBDCs, their potential impacts on the industry, and the […]

Exploring the Regulatory Landscape of Digital Assets for Institutions

Regulatory landscape

The dynamic nature of digital assets, combined with their increasing integration into the mainstream financial ecosystem, has brought about an evolving regulatory landscape that institutions must deal with. This article provides an overview of the current regulatory frameworks governing digital assets across various jurisdictions, examines challenges, and considers the future of digital asset regulation. Understanding […]

The Role of Custody Solutions in Institutional Digital Asset Markets

Custody Solutions

As institutional interest in digital assets continues to grow, the importance of mature custody solutions cannot be overstated. These solutions are foundational to the secure and efficient management of digital asset portfolios, addressing unique challenges that arise from the custody of digital assets. This article delves into the intricacies of digital asset custody, the evolution […]

Sustainability Goal Alignment for Institutions

Sustainability Goals

Institutions are increasingly seeking ways to align their strategies with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria, also called Sustainability Goals. As digital assets become a more prominent part of portfolios, the importance of considering their ESG impact cannot be overstated. This article explores the challenges and opportunities associated with integrating ESG principles into institutional digital […]

Swiss Regulatory Framework: Amendments to Digital Assets


Introduction In a time where digital assets are increasingly connected to financial markets, regulatory bodies are stepping up to create a framework that ensures stability, transparency, and security. The latest comes from the Regulatory Board of the Swiss Stock Exchange, dated 15 February 2024, and proposes significant changes in the regulatory landscape for digital assets, […]

Integration of Digital Assets into Institutional Strategies

Investment Strategies

Introduction The past decade has seen a shift in institutional strategies, with an increasing number of institutional parties incorporating digital assets into their portfolios. This transition towards digital assets, tokenized securities, and digital real estate, represents a strategic move to diversify holdings and explore new industries. This article looks at some factors driving this trend, […]

Institutional Engagement in Digital Assets: An Evolving Landscape

digital assets

The digital asset sector has experienced transformations over recent years. Extending beyond technological advancements and market dynamics to include a broader range of participants. Among the most notable developments in this area has been the gradual yet definitive entry of institutional players, a group that had previously maintained a cautious distance. A critical development in […]