Connecting your Bitvavo account

How to connect your Bitvavo account to the platform?

To link your Bitvavo and DemaTrading accounts, an API key is necessary. With this (digital) key you can connect these accounts without ever giving your password or full authorization to DemaTrading. You need to create an API key in your Bitvavo account and then enter it in your DemaTrading account to establish a link between both accounts. Here is a video on how to do it:

Step 1. Create a Bitvavo account

First of all, we will need to create an account to connect to the DemaTrading hub. If you already have an account, you can use the existing account as well. You can sign up by clicking the button below.

Step 2. Deposit funds onto your account

Now that the Bitvavo account is created, it is time to put some funds into your account. Make sure you add enough funds for the bots to be able to work correctly. The minimum advised amount is €150.

Step 3. Create API keys

To be able to connect your Bitvavo account to the Hub, we will need API keys. These keys are used to communicate with the Bitvavo servers on your behalf.

You can create API keys by visiting this page: . By clicking the button ‘request new API keys’, you will be able to create API keys. Clicking this button will open a screen with some options. Make sure to enable the following options:

Reading data
Buy and sell

Step 4. Deposit funds onto your account

As soon as you have requested the API-keys, you will receive an email from Bitvavo shortly after. This email contains a link for you to approve and validate your API keys. Follow the instructions in the mail.

Step 5. Create Hub account

Now all the work is done on Bitvavo’s side. Now it is time to proceed with creating your hub account. You will be able to do that by visiting, which will redirect you to the login and sign up page.

Step 6. Connect your Bitvavo wallet

As soon as you are inside your Hub account, you will see the possibility to connect your wallet. Follow the instructions on the page and fill in the earlier created API keys.

If you have created your wallet, we will verify your keys. If your keys are valid, you will see a list of bots to choose from and a balance list of assets in your wallet.

Step 7. Select a bot to trade for you

Last but not least, you will need to activate a bot that will take care of the trading. Depending on the bot, this bot will put your assets into position right away.

The last step; sit back, relax and let the bot make you profit!