We help traders to automate, optimize and publish their strategies, and allow people to invest in these strategies. makes your life hassle free!

Dreaming of trading bots?

With our homemade open-source backtesting tool we are making trading strategy development a real delight. While you focus on finding the perfect combination of indicators, we will make sure our tool will provide you with the right statistics. will help you to improve and keep improving!

Dreaming of automated equity management?

Together with our strategy creators we are creating a wide portfolio of trading strategies covering all kinds of risk levels. These trading strategies are continuously analyzing different crypto markets to find the perfect moment to buy and sell your assets. All of our strategies are widely distributed to multiple platforms and could even manage your personal Binance Account.

Why choose

Automated strategies remove the risk of human emotion. They work 24 hours a day, every day, and never get tired. We help traders to automate, optimize, publish and scale their strategies. Best of all, we source investors that invest in your strategies.


We help you to automate and optimize your algorithm with years of trading and coding experience. We run your model through multiple Machine Learning algorithms to maximize your strategies performance.


You focus on your model, we take care of the APIs, marketing, publishing, administration, communication and getting investors.


Bots never get tired, our systems work 24/7 for you with more passion than you have ever seen.


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