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Digital asset providers miss up to 90% of their revenue every month. is a service provider for exchanges, trading apps, and institutional parties. We provide a full infrastructure solution to run portfolios offering diverse investment products whilst increasing trading volume and customer adoption. 

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Offer a suite of carefully curated digital asset portfolios directly to your customers. Our plug-and-play infrastructure gets you up and running quickly.

Implementation that fits your case and
the needs of your customers.


Choose proven off-the-shelf indices, or fully customise to fit your customer needs.

Fast implementation

Plug-and-play infrastructure,
allowing for a swift and seamless integration.

No upfront costs

Consultation is always without obligation. Clear insights into costs, build a qualitative collaboration.

Seamless Trading Experience

Confident Investment

Offload the heavy work and enable
data-driven decisions.

Reduced Risk

A diversified portfolio protects customers
by spreading risk.

Recurring Volume

Rebalancing ensures recurring and
stable trading volume.

More than 60% of the investors Buy&Hold.

Our portfolios accumulate trading volume from these otherwise passive investments.
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Increase trading volume with institutional-grade indexing

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing high-quality and automated index tracking, tailored to our clients use-case, ensuring they always have the most optimized digital asset portfolios.

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Most frequent questions and answers
A crypto index is a portfolio of digital assets that represent a segment of the cryptocurrency market. It tracks the performance of a specific set of cryptocurrencies, and its value is derived from the combined performance of the assets in the index.
Crypto indexes work by tracking the performance of a specific set of digital assets. The value of the index is calculated based on the combined performance of the assets in the index. Crypto indexes can be weighted, which means that some assets in the index may have a greater impact on the index’s overall performance than others.
Investing in a crypto index offers several benefits, including diversification, exposure to the rapidly growing blockchain industry, and automated index tracking. By investing in a crypto index, investors can spread their risk across multiple digital assets and gain exposure to the overall performance of the cryptocurrency market.
Our indexes include a range of digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other major cryptocurrencies. The specific assets included in each index may vary depending on the index’s focus and investment strategy.

The minimum investment amount required to invest in a crypto index may vary depending on your platform. At, we strive to make our indexes accessible to both individual and institutional investors, and we offer a range of investment options to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

The frequency of index rebalancing may vary depending on the specific index and investment strategy. We use a rules-based approach to index rebalancing, which means that we rebalance our indexes based on predefined rules and criteria. The frequency of rebalancing may vary depending on market conditions and other factors that may impact the performance of the assets in the index. However, we strive to rebalance our indexes on a regular basis to ensure that our clients’ investments remain up-to-date and in line with their investment objectives.